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Welcome to I Let Properties

Our company specializes in finding the right home for you. We need to just add a little description here to introduce the company. Don’t give to much info because the rest will go to the ABOUT page.

Please go through the site to view our properties available for rent and if you require us to rent your property on our website, don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting.

FAQ’s you should know?

What Documents do I require to submit my application?

  • Copy of your I.D
  • 3 Months banking statements – if you are a business owner you need 6 months
  • Letter of Appointment from your employer
  • If you are co-signing with a partner all above documents of both parties must be submitted
  • The lease agreement must be completed and signed

Do you do credit checks?

Yes we do ask you to fill out a form to allow us to check your credit reference

What type of rentals do we do?

We do all types of Domestic Rentals, Corporate Rentals and Commercial

Add more FAQ's

we need to add more if you require